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Merry Christmas Moms and Dads!

Pat's Dad wanted pictures with stories from our time in Pasadena as well as from the visit from Christina's parents in December. Well, we thought that it would be a shame to put pictures together and not share it with all our parents, so this is a Christmas gift for all four of you!

New School and New Career
Fuller Building
While Pat's education was the purpose of our move, Christina quickly found a place to begin her career as an R.D. and passed the test to become one. During the new student orientation, Pat realized that Fuller is the perfect place for him at this moment in his life. Christina found a great team of dietitians at Huntington and, though it is not her dream job, she feels that it is where she needs to be for now.
Huntington Memorial Hospital

New Home and New Church
PMC Sanctuary The Carlsons and their family warmly welcomed us into our new home and have given us a generous amount of independence, while we have also tried to interact with them on a regular basis and to do what we can to help them. At the same time, we immediately found a church home at Pasadena Mennonite Church. We have joined a new small group. We have become involved with Ten Thousand Villages. And Pat has joined the worship team. Recently, we learned that our senior pastor, Jim Brenneman, will be the next president of Goshen College and the church will be in a time of transition for a while. Pasadena Home

Family Moments

Welcome Home Thelma Cake
We have several moments of fun with other couples and single folks, mostly from Fuller, and with our Small Group meetings on every other Thursday evening. But we have not had our camera around for those times. We did, however, get many pictures of family moments with the Carlsons and family. After Thelma broke her hip and was through with her treatment, we had a miniature "Welcome Home" party and Christina made a cake. Then there was Phil's 94th birthday on October 28th and Thelma's 97th birthday on November 7th. Phil said that it was the best birthday he could remember! And Thelma told us a story of her 7th birthday when her large family forgot that it was her birthday until a few days later. They then invited us to their Thanksgiving feast. Since the dining room table had been moved to set up beds in the dining room, we ate our meal in the living room.
Thelma with Welcome Home Cake
Sparkling Candles for Phil's Birthday
Cheryl accidentally bought the sparkling candles and this is her removing them with pliers before the cake burned!
Phil & Thelma in front of Phil's Birthday Cake
Phil's happy birthday
Cheryl cuts the cake
Cheryl cutting the carrot cake for Phil's birthday.
Group Picture around Thelma's Birthday Cake
This is Thelma's birthday cake and that is Nikita, her caretaker standing behind her.
Thelma blowing out her candles
Cheryl, the Carlsons' daughter, is on the right and her husband Lee is next to her.
Thanksgiving Feast
The only picture I got of the Thanksgiving feast. That is Cheryl and Lee's son Chris on the left in the black shirt.

Random Moments

Christina in her lab coat
Christina wanted Pat to take a picture of her in her lab coat when she brought it home. "Just don't get my bare feet in the picture," she told Pat. Around Halloween, we went to a "harvest party" at a friend's apartment.  We made cookies and had good conversation, while others were getting themselves messy outside with pumpkin carving. We already sent you these pictures, but they're still fun anyway. There is also a picture here of Ralph Watkins teaching Pat's Urban Evangelism class.

Another random moment is of Pat in the midst of an "allnighter." With about 60-70 pages of writing due in the last week of the quarter, Pat realized that he had not planned quite well enough to get things done far in advance. So he spent the vast majority of the night working on his project for Urban Evangelism. He typed out his theology of evangelism, how this theology connected with urban sociology, and then focused in upon a practical plan set in a specific location. The project was on the partnership between Grantham BIC Church, our old church, with the Harrisburg BIC Church. If you're interested in reading it, you can find the Word document here. Anyway, Pat took some silly pictures of himself at around 1:00 AM with his stuffed animal friends keeping him company and the snacks that Christina had purchased for him.
Christina's bare foot and lab coat
Christina as an angel
Pat with halo
Dr. Ralph Watkins teaching course
Pulling an allnighter
Pulling an allnighter
Pulling an allnighter

Visit from Mom W. and Dad S.

Christina in hospital lobby
We picked up Christina's parents at LAX on Monday evening, December 12th. On Tuesday, we took a small tour of Huntington Hospital, ate lunch in the hospital cafeteria, and wandered the Fuller campus. We had burgers and sweet potato fries at home, then went out to Baskin Robins for $1 scoop Tuesdays.

On Wednesday, we spent a good portion of the day shopping at the mall and then went out to Manny's Pizzeria in Pasadena. We took a trip to Hollywood on Thursday, though we were less than impressed (especially Christina's Dad). Then, on Friday, we traveled to Santa Monica Beach and enjoyed the view, after witnessing a fist fight between several large men next to the parking lot. We made some holiday cookies when we came home and celebrated an early Christmas on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, we went to see a local version of the Nutcracker ballet. On Sunday, I sang in church and we went out to see The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe together in Old Town Pasadena. In the midst of all of this, we watched home movies and The Grinch on TV. On Monday evening, we took Christina's parents to the airport for a full red-eye flight back east. It was a wonderful time.
Christina's Dad in hospital lobby
Christina with her coworkers
In the cafeteria
Christina's Dad in cafeteria
From the prayer garden at Fuller
Touching the crucifix
Cooking burgers
Ice cream
Tangerine tree in the back of our home
Manny's Pizzeria
Christina and her Dad watching the Grinch
Christina's Dad taking a picture of Christina's Mom in front of the Hollywood sign
Christina's Mom and Dad taking a break
Christina and her Mom walking though Hollywood
Deciding what to order at Taco Bell on the Pier
Christina's Mom and Dad looking at the beach
Pat, Christina, and Christina's Mom with the beach behind them
Christina skipping backwards on the beach
Christina and her Mom looking at the ocean
Christina's Dad looking at rocks
Christina walking on water
Christina's Dad and Mom looking at a rock
Baking holiday cookies Christina's parents tempted by cookies Christina opening her gifts

Thanks for all your love and generosity! We miss you all this Christmas!
Much Love, Pat and Christina

Our Christmas Display